Wood Species For Your Wine Cellar

Wood has been used in wineries for centuries. From casks to wine racks, wood is one of the most important tools when it comes to storing wine. Each wood species has its own unique qualities and characteristics, so it’s best to choose wood that complements your wine cellar needs.

Wood Species For Your Wine Cellar

Oak: By far the most popular wood type for aging wines, oak barrels are used around the world by both small-scale and large-scale producers. Oak imparts vanilla, spice, clove and earthy flavors into wine while also adding tannin structure giving wines more texture and mouthfeel. French oak (Quercus sessilis) is where you’ll find highly sought after wood because of its subtlety and refinement. French oak is also where you’ll find the highest quality wood with the most even grain structure from top to bottom. American oak (Quercus alba), on the other hand, generally has a more intense wood-forward flavor profile that can overpower certain styles of wine—a fun challenge for winemakers!

Cherry: This wood species is gaining popularity among winemakers for aging wines; it’s not as heavy-handed as oak and imparts warm, spicy and woodsy flavors into wine. There are semi-dried cherry wood planks available on Amazon like these . These will impart a nice, warm but sweet vanilla flavor to your wines over time.

Sassafras: Sassafras wood has a long history of use in winemaking and for good reason! It imparts a unique flavor profile to wine that is earthy, spicy and slightly sweet. Sassafras wood is also one of the lightest weight wood species making it perfect for smaller wine cellars. You can purchase Sassafras wood online or from specialty wood suppliers.

Mahogany: Mahogany is a great wood species for wine cellars because it has a high resistance to decay and warping. It also imparts a rich, deep flavor to wine that can be described as woodsy, berry-like or fruity. Mahogany is available from most wood suppliers

Beech: Beechwood is prized among winemakers for its ability to impart a range of wood flavors into wine. Beech wood can add light woodsy notes, or deep berry flavors depending on the toast level. You’ll also find beech wood is very stable and resistant to decay making it perfect for wine cellars.

There are many other wood species that can be used for wine cellars, these are just a few of the most popular. When choosing wood for your wine cellar, it’s important to consider the type of wine you’re storing, the climate in your area and your personal preference. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a wood species perfect for your wine cellar!