What is Melamine Board and What is it Used for?

What is Melamine Board and What is it Used for?

What is melamine board?

Melamine Board is a type of melamine formaldehyde resin board, which is also known as melboard. It was first developed in 1955 by melamine-formaldehyde resin to be used as melamine laminates for use by NASA. Since then, melamine board has been widely used because of its ability to resist the damage caused by the elements and its cheap cost.

What are melamine boards made of?

Melamine boards are composed of melamine resin (55%), hardener (22%) and other ingredients like fillers (23%). They can be made to measure up to 50mm thick, but often sold in 3mm sheets or tiles. Melamine boards are mainly used because they fit well into the modern, minimalist style of home décor.

What are melamine boards used for?

Due to their resistance to the elements, melamine boards are often used as external cladding on homes and buildings. They can also be used as a decorative wall covering, in place of tiles or other materials. Melamine boards are non-toxic, so they are also a popular choice for use in children’s bedrooms and playrooms. In addition, melamine boards are easy to clean and maintain, making them a versatile option for a variety of applications.