Shop Local – My local timber supply store

Shop Local - My local timber supply store

The shop local movement is a growing trend in Australia. These shop local campaigns are meant to encourage shoppers to buy from a small, independent store rather than a large chain or superstore.

Sometimes buying local really does make more sense, but other times it’s just as easy to shop at a big-box store. Here’s how they compare on price and selection:

Materials : In terms of raw materials, prices can be comparable or very close depending on where you shop. The difference will usually come down to the service that each shop offers.

Customer Service : Generally speaking, local stores have a more personalised service. You’re a person and not a number! Local stores are looking for long term relationships so expect that personal touch.

Price: Price is where local stores really shine. It’s not uncommon to find deals and discounts at small, independent stores that you won’t find at larger chains. So if you’re looking for the best deal, shop local!

When it comes to lumber, shop local whenever possible to get the best deals.