What is Bamboo Plywood?

Bamboo Ply. Thin, rectangular strips of bamboo are aligned in different designs then laminated together (vertical edge grain or horizontal flat grain). They are woven and then
compressed together under extreme heat and pressure (strand is woven) to create smooth unfinished milled sheets/panels.

The Benefits of Bamboo Plywood

There are numerous reasons why bamboo plywood is becoming increasingly popular across America, often replacing traditional hardwood.
• First of all, it is an attractive wood-like product that can be used in various ways, such as wall paneling, furniture, countertops, and even kitchen utensils.
• Durable, easy to machine (mill), Bamboo can be cut and shaped into any design.
• Multi-layered manufacturing process provides additional stability, making it resistant to warping. This helps make it easier to mill and enhances its longevity.
• Bamboo plywood is manufactured sustainably. This makes it one of the greenest building materials on the planet. The production of bamboo plywood provides valuable manufacturing jobs for
many outlying communities dependent on those jobs for income. This is particularly true in areas where the soil is not conducive to other farming practices.
• Bamboo plywood is strong, and it’s suitable for a wide range of construction projects while also highly attractive once finished. There’s more to bamboo than just flooring, and the
different colors and thicknesses that can be produced make it a versatile material for many homes and businesses. Bamboo Products Sustainability is One of the key factors in using bamboo
as a building material. This fast-growing grass is self-renewing because it regrows in place using the existing root structure when it is cut down. Farming methods
are also much greener than others, and hand rather than fossil fuel-hungry machines can cut down forestation areas. Factories are usually pretty close to the plantations resulting in less
fuel being burned from transporting the bamboo.

Various methods are used to create bamboo plywood, and different grades and thicknesses can be easily produced.

Our Bamboo Ply “Bamply” comes in a variety of thicknesses and construction;

A A Grade – Blemish Free;
• 2440x1220x12mm, RAW – Light Carbonised – horizontal, criss-cross, 3 layers
• 2440x1220x15mm, RAW – Light Carbonised – horizontal, criss-cross, 3 layers
• 2440x1220x18mm, RAW – Single layer, vertical stripe
• 2440x1220x20mm, RAW – Single layer, vertical stripe
• 2440x1220x30mm, RAW – Horizontal, criss-cross, 5 layers